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About us 

The link building is the most important thing in the search engine optimization. And that is not only true in this country, but in Hong Kong, too. Therefore, the company Intercomp Limited has been founded in 2014. The brains behind Intercomp have been dealing with the topics search engine optimization and link building for eight years. Some time ago the experts realized, that the link building does not get easier, because nobody knows, which website operators are willing to operate link sales. The text link marketplace makes it possible.

The idea contained, that the whole processing of a link sale should take place via a single, standardized platform. The specialists developed their idea further and this was the result: a new text link marketplace, which offers never before seen possibilities. The new text link marketplace started on 2014 and is received with the utmost enthusiasm.

Buyers and sellers of text and content links are brought together via and the processing of the bookings takes place directly via the marketplace. So, the commercialization of websites is phenomenally easy for both involved parties. Link buyers can be sure, that their products and services will become better known. Link sellers have the possibility to monetize their website without having a large amount of work. As Intercomp Ltd. has its headquarters in Hong Kong, all prices on the marketplace are shown in US Dollar and net. There are no taxes to pay.